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First Annual ''i3 SILENT FILM FEST CONTEST" Launches in Partnership with Channel[V], . . . by H.Hu

17 July 2008

World premiere of' SILENT FILM FESTIVAL CONTEST is set to launch with great fanfare this fall in partnership with Asia's number-one music TV station - Channel [V].

The i3 SILENT FILM FESTIVAL CONTEST is all about discovering new talent in visual storytelling in youth aged 13 to 21, by creating an environment of nurturing creatively talented young people so they can begin to plan their futures outside the usual parent-approved professions of doctors, lawyers and accountants, as rewarding as those may be.

"This festival is about finding raw talent and giving youthful creativity a productive outlet," said Margaret Chen, Editor-in-Chief of and the person spearheading this event. "Asia is behind in spurring creativity because we live in a conformist society where children are not encouraged to speak up or to stand out, in fact, if anything, we're encouraged to choose the safe and proven paths in life," said Chen.

The festival registration begins on Aug 1 and includes an informative packet - a very short "history of film" - with suggestions of silent film greats to be watched by contestants before they set out to begin their filming. The best way to learn to make great films is to watch great films. And while the silent films recommended don't have the latest high-tech CGI, exploding car chases, or spicy sex scenes, they do present the best of visual storytelling skills fundamental to the art of film making.

"Channel[V] is interested to offer incentives for youth to explore their hidden talents, and we see this as an opportunity for us to discover untapped talent to join our growing industry," said Eddy Tan, Vice President of Programming.

Having silent films as the backbone for this festival is doubly relevant. First because it presents a more achievable format for young filmmakers who will not have access to the special effects that add noise and excitement to modern movies, but that rarely add to the story; and second, because it removes language and dialog barriers.

"Mr. Bean" is a phenomenal success around the world, and his TV series, animation and movies are all effective without dialog. But he comes after a long line of wonderfully expressive silent-era actors and actresses, who in fact continue to inform and inspire modern-day world-class filmmakers with their style and skill at telling stories without uttering a word. In the immortal pithy words of Silent-era siren Norma Desmond, "We didn't need dialogue. We had faces."

"I don't think Asians are less creative, I think we've selected for predictable outcomes, and all we need now is to begin encouraging young people to explore their own unique voices," said Chen, adding, "I suspect there'd be a lot fewer lawyers, doctors and accountants in the world if parents didn't push their kids into these professions, which is only bad if the child had a greater potential to be truly great at a profession for which (s)he feels passionate."

Dates to Remember
Registration period: August 1, 2008 to December 1, 2008
Film topics announced: September 1, 2008
Submission deadline: December 31, 2008
Judging period: January 1 2009 to February 15 2009 Prizes will be announced and awarded: March 1, 2009

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