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by SLy, 17 March 2007

Have you ever wondered just how safe your personal care products are?

Do you assume that makeup and all skincare products sold in the U.S. must be safe as they must have passed FDA requirements…

WHAT REQUIREMENTS? The bad news is, there are *no requirements*! The FDA Office of Cosmetics and Colors stated in 1995 that it “cannot require companies to do safety testing of their cosmetic products before marketing”.

The FDA has documented 10,500 ingredients in personal care products but only a paltry 11% have been tested by the cosmetic industry’s review panel.

The Environmental Working Group keeps an online database where one can check exactly how unhealthy one’s skin, beauty and bodycare products are (including eye and dental care).

14,835 products have been assessed and rated.

SURPRISE!!!!! … some of the “best” and most expensive products are among the most dangerous, containing carcinogenic, toxic, and/or estrogenic/reproductive materials.

Click here for ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP’s WEBSITE to check out your own personal care products

You can learn more at Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

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