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Employee Volunteer Week 2009 – HK May 10th to May 16th
by Nomadic Chris, 12 March 2009

Times are tough economically. Globally people are suffering. At the worst of times, the best of human nature comes out and communities come together. No matter how bad your situation is, remember there is ALWAYS someone who is dealing with greater hardships.

In the modern world, people forget how privileged they are in terms of luxuries. As people become individualistic, a sense of community is often lost. In Hong Kong, Employee Volunteer Week (EVW) May 10th – May 16th 2009 will see companies / employees devoting money, energy and importantly time, to helping the less fortunate in society.

The objectives of EVW:

* Raise the morale of Hong Kong and its business community by encouraging a spirit of serving the community.

* Raise the profile of employee volunteering as a triple win – benefits to business, employees and the community.

* Encourage a large number of companies in Hong Kong to make a collective impact on the community.

* Measure the impact of collective action on the community (by quantifying the number of volunteers, volunteer hours, etc.)

For organizations, the benefits of Participating in EVW:

EVW is a practical Corporate Social Responsibility activity with many positive repercussions including:

* Recruitment and Retention – Enables employees to identify with their company on a deeper level and potential recruits to view as an employer of choice.

* Loyalty – Strengthens employee loyalty and a sense of belonging to their company.

* Team-building – Provides employees built-in opportunities to team build and/or enhance their skills.

* Commitment – Enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to the community, particularly during the economic recession.

* Inexpensive – EV Week is free to join.

* Ease and Flexibility – The flexible nature of EV Week enables companies to participate in a way that suits them best.

Even if you are not in Hong Kong, you can volunteer via your school or community charity! There are many volunteering opportunities and there is something which will always fit your interests! There are many benefits to volunteering!

* Learn or develop new skills!

* Be part of your community and help those in need!

* Motivation and sense of achievement by being part of a well meaning project!

* Boost your career options! Employers will look for volunteering experience!

* New experiences, interests and hobbies! Volunteering will open your eyes to a whole new world.

* Meet a diverse range of people! Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Giving back to society or helping the less fortunate in society gives a person a feeling which money cannot buy! So volunteer and give back!

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