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GRATITUDE! Once and Again.
5 October 2010

This has been an incredible five weeks of activity since returning from the Garden City of Asia at end-of-August!

Delighted to report on the wonderful success of the GET IT GREEN Contest which is now officially in the judging phase with over 600 entries in four categories and across three age groups. It was hectic joining forces with the dedicated team of people working on this, all of whom are deeply concerned about mitigating - if not reversing - the effects of climate change... Personally, I'm excited and honored to be on two of the judging panels (Arts and Culture & Science and Technology) but know that it will be difficult to select those 12 finalists to be present at the 7th November C-40 CLIMATE CHANGE YOUTH SUMMIT to be held at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in Wanchai.
But fortunately for the judges, the organizers of this youth contest will be acknowledging ALL contestants' efforts with a Certificate of Participation! So YAY! CIVIC EXCHANGE Hong Kong's premiere Think Tank, we never expected less than excellence in all that you do~!

The month started with Jane Goodall Institute's Youth Summit, followed immediately by TEDx Hong Kong, and have left us here at reveling in the excitement of new discoveries of fascinating people and outstanding accomplishments...

All these reasons to be grateful and YET.
Around Asia, many cities are being innundated by flooding and tremendous loss of life and livelihood! At times we can't help but falter under the tremendous weight of all the suffering in the world, and there are those who would have us ask whether we need to feel a personal responsibility if we live comfortable lives while somewhere out there, there are people living in poverty, or worse. This question has had me up at night, trying to answer it, and here - after much soul searching - is WHY my answer is a definitive "NO!"

The most important of those reason's is that GUILT is NOT a positive emotion. Guilt is a dangerous emotion that can be very destructive, even if in the short term it might look like it can mobilize people into action.

A SOLUTIONS-DRIVEN approach is better as a motivator, and in the long run, it is healthier for those who take on the work of finding solutions that will bring us out of the interrelated problems we have accumulated over the years. AND, who can resist being part of the SOLUTION~?!

... and like vicious cycles, virtuous circles also have the ability to multiply ... so, today, I'm most grateful because all this activity brought about a renewed commitment to finding a viable way forward for that surpasses all previous visions of where needs to go.

... it is times like these that one is awed and truly humbled by the very real sense that there is divine guidance at work when most we need it. We cannot know what the future holds, let's live each day as if it matters, because then, it will.

THANKS for reading~!

Margaret Chen
Editor in Chief

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