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Ultra-Marathon Man DEREK KWIK and the Importance of Pushing the Limits of Human Endurance ... by Margaret Chen


First Chinese ultra-marathon world record holder, philanthropist, animal lover,
motivational speaker, author, martial arts champion and venture capitalist.

15 December 2010

"Good people do the correct thing. Great people do the right thing."

Standing tall at five foot five, Derek Kwik, is much more than meets the eye.
He's a venture capitalist with a soldier's courage and discipline, at ease with a smooth veneer in the business world, operating with a mission-based Law of the Jungle ruthlessness in the style of Gordon Gekko. But he is also a dog owning and animal-loving, man-of-many-talents, inspiring the world with the Power of his Dedication and Perseverance.

He's worked hard for everything he has, including the ability to stand tall amongst his peers in the ego-heavy world of high finance. This is not a guy who takes short-cuts, or looks for the easy way out.

Derek doesn't like to live in the past.

"It's sad when those guys from college are still reliving the glory days from fifty years ago," he confides, "you're only as good as your last deal. That's the real world out there."

But being in one of the first teams of investors to do structured deals in China in the early nineties, doesn't mean he lets that define his life. Instead, Derek has made a name for himself, made a reputation that few could, or, would want to take from him--and that is his decade-long engagement as an ULTRA-MARATHON enthusiast, holding the world record for being the first man of Chinese descent to run across the four most extreme deserts on planet earth.

Derek is always a man with a plan, but the catch is, he also knows how to go with the flow.
He doesn't let himself get stuck in a stagnant pool, and it's a tactic he's honed running those extreme endurance 500Km races--the equivalent distance of running a-marathon-a-day for seven straight days, on very few hours sleep. It's called living in the now, and it's a good reason to endure what he does, as it means he's been trained to live in the moment, to make decisions based on direct sensory information which has been especially important when racing in the Amazon jungle with an unlimited array of threats behind every fallen log--crocodiles, snakes, flesh eating fish, poisonous critters big and small, even as he so candidly writes on the inside covers of his book, KWIK FIX, "microscopic fish that can swim up my pee hole".

It's clear that he sets tasks as challenges to himself, always to do better, to push past the point of human endurance. His Goal?

To always finish what he starts.

And, the one time he couldn't finish a race due to injury, back in 2000 (the Eco Challenge, Malaysia), he remembers shedding tears of regret in his hospital bed. That memory drives him forward in every race since then. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING ... nothing that training, preparation and perseverance can't overcome.

Learn more about why and how he got started as an ultra-marathon man ...
JOIN us in' exclusive interview with Derek Kwik by clicking on the link below...


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