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2010 Person of the Year: JAMES CAMERON
This year has chosen the prolific director, screenwriter, and producer, James Cameron as our 2010 Person of the Year. He didn’t start out to make films, but his passion and dedication has made him who he is today, and we as an audience are the richer for it. READ MORE

2009 Person of the Year: Susan Boyle
A couple of years ago, Susan Boyle was just a normal, average looking lady living in a small Scottish town. Apparently, she liked to sing occasionally. Like millions of others who dared to dream big, she applied for the hit show “Britain’s Got Talent” and the rest is history. Susan Boyle is now a global name and her debut album ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ is the fastest selling Female debut album ever! ... READ MORE

2008 Person of the Year: U.S. President-elect BARACK OBAMA
When it came to picking person of the year, my only thought was, how could we not pick Barack Obama? Indeed, it’s remarkable how he transformed himself from a little known one-term senator to American’s 44th President and in the process became one of the most recognized faces on the planet, turned a generation’s political leaning towards the left and became what even forty years ago was unthinkable – America’s first black president. ... READ MORE

2007 Person of the Year: Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is an entrepreneur extraordinaire – the host and producer of her mega-successful talk show. But that job title alone doesn’t fully explain her accomplishments. She’s also an Oscar-nominated actress, writer, publisher, influential book critic, rape survivor, and committed philanthropist. For anyone to achieve success in so many roles is truly astonishing, near impossible, you might say. But Oprah has, astonishingly, done it all.... READ MORE

2006 Person of the Year: Muhammed Yunus
During the 1974 famine in Bangladesh, Muhammed Yunus – then an Economics Professor at Chittagong University – gave a US$27 interest free loan to pay off money desperately poor mothers had borrowed from loan-sharks to feed their families.

He believed that poor people are hard working and just needed to be given a chance, and he founded a successful business model to give them the break they needed to make an honest living for themselves. ... READ MORE

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