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MOVIE FRIDAYS: "Maintenance-free Solar Lights, Lighting up the Third World with used Plastic Soda Bottles"
by !Baha, 9 September 2011

Here's a proven LOW TECH solution to provide free AND renewable energy lighting to people living in developing nations in use since 2002.

We need more solutions like this, to take us from our CURRENT SITUATION, into a better, cleaner future...

YES, it's true that there could be no light without sunlight, and alternative lighting is needed at night, but look at the upside which is no waste of conventional electricity, and LESS POLLUTION (as litter in landfills and as emissions from use of conventional electricity)! There's no one cure-all solution to any problem, after all these years of 'decay' and this is a simple yet wonderful solution that would change the lives of many for the better.

Let's continue to look for simple and effective solutions like this one, that solves multiple problems - LESSENING POLLUTION, REDUCING WASTE and providing NO MAINTENANCE LIGHTING to many people in the third world.

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