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MIND : Nature & Travel' 2nd VALENTINE'S DAY CORNIEST LOVE SONG LYRICS Competition 2012
Upload yourself singing love song lyrics for just one-minute to win an award certificate for participation, AND an inscribed iPod nano as first prize-- extra points for corny-ness, extra extra points for original lyrics.

You can also earn Creativity Action Service (CAS) Credits by becoming a student intern/blogger for ... Global Webzine for thinking teens.
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an inscribed iPod Nano
The 2012 Second Valentine's Day Challenge -- "Champion of Corny Song Lyrics" Award Certificate

The Staff Writers of, by a vote cast via email


1. The lyrics must be submitted in English (or, translated into English ALONG WITH the lyrics in its original language)

2. Entrants must send a one-minute audio or video clip of themselves "singing" the lyrics, with or without musical accompaniment (or to a link where one such audio or video is posted, with TAG LINE: "For 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Corniest Love Song Lyric Competition")

3. The entries are to be sent to: ...... with YOUR FIRST-NAME, AGE, EMAIL CONTACT ...... by midnight Sunday 12 February, or earlier -- Hong Kong time .

To get you started, here are some answers to the search phrase "What is the corniest love song ever written?" CLICK HERE

Please click the image for larger size, download and help us get the word out... the more competitive, the more worthy the win!

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