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Mount Holyoke College Women's Academy for International Leadership Development Scholarships (July 23 - August 17, 2012)

The Women’s Academy for International Leadership Development invites high achieving young women considering application to U.S. colleges and universities to begin their path to future academic, professional, and personal success in a comprehensive summer program at Mount Holyoke College, the oldest women's college in the world and the first of the renowned Seven Sisters to the Ivy League.

The overall focus of the program is on leadership and professional and personal success, starting with preparation for admission to highly selective colleges in the United States. Students are immersed in a learning community that includes role models with accomplished professional careers, college faculty, and student mentors as well as other specialized resource persons. This richly structured learning environment is designed to strengthen students’ skills and confidence, and provide them with tools to successfully navigate the college admission process, fulfill their academic and social potential during college, and plan their pathway to future success.

In recognition of the power and potential of Mount Holyoke’s alumnae community and its daughters and granddaughters, the College is pleased to offer five inaugural scholarships of $5,000 to alumnae daughters and granddaughters. Rising juniors and seniors with a strong academic record are eligible to apply. (The total tuition fee for WAILD is $7,600. With the alumnae scholarship, the tuition is $2,600, which includes room and board. The application deadline is June 15.)

The Women’s Academy for International Leadership Development is designed to strengthen young women’s skills and confidence, provide them with tools to successfully navigate the college admission process, help fulfill their academic and social potential during college, and plan their pathway to future success. It represents the best of Mount Holyoke values and offers a unique opportunity for young college-bound women to achieve their highest goals.

We look forward to welcoming alumnae daughters and granddaughters to campus for this exceptional program. Please visit the
WAILD website for more information about the curriculum, alumnae daughter/granddaughter scholarships, and how to apply.

Lynn Pasquerella ’80
President, Mount Holyoke College

  • Spring Editorial Theme: WOMENS' RIGHTS, AND WRONGS ... by Olive Hui and Margaret Chen
    A report in 2012 revealed that one woman in Turkey dies almost every day of the year as a result of domestic violence. A survey conducted by the UN found that “among women aged 15-44, acts of violence cause more death and disability than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined.”These facts are proof of the unequal treatment of women even in today’s modern world. According to the UN survey on violence against women, the top countries of women subjected to routine domestic violence are: Zambia, Colombia, Peru, Egypt and Nicaragua.

  • Author DEBRA BECK Talks About Her Work and the Importance of Knowing Yourself by Margaret Chen
    Debra Beck has focused for 15 years on working to help girls become confident adults. She first wrote her book, My Feet Aren't Ugly!: A Girl's Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out (Beaufort Books) as a manual to be used in her mentoring classes with teenage girls. Debra is the founder of Spirited Youth, and is available to travel and speak about her area of expertise - helping girls aged 11 to 15 to become confident, mature young adults.

    Being a teenager is already very mind-boggling; having someone to help us help us on our path is something we can all appreciate and welcome.

  • Interview with Lucky Chhetri, Empowering Women of Nepal Has helping women always been a life-long goal? If so, how and at what point in your life did it come about -- what inspired you?
    LC: Yes, helping women was always a life-long goal. I grew up in poverty in a small village. However, I was very fortunate to have parents who did not discriminate children based on gender. Our parents were both un-educated. Thus, they (especially my father) had great desire to provide education to all his children because he wanted us all to have a good future.

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