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Can Education in India Deliver Significant Societal Changes? ... by Louis Yau and Scarlett Ho

Over 70% of Indian’s value sons more than daughters as sons bear the family name and carry on the generations and hence the girl child education in India is one of the main challenges of Indian society.

Ria Sahay is a 22 year old MBA graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was born in Bihar, a state located in the Eastern part of India. Bihar is the third most populated state within India, with a majority of the general population living in rural areas. Within India, gender discrimination is a major problem, as women are considered to be inferior to men. This mindset stems in part from quasi-religious beliefs, that only permits men to perform a family's funeral rites, and also from social cultural traditions like arranged marriages, dowry brides, expectations of female purity and the like.

In 1995, Ria's family suffered financial difficulties. Despite this, Ria was able to gain a spot within Lady Shri Ram college, one of the most prestigious all women institutions within India, where she graduated with a degree in Arts & Humanities. After spending some time in the New Delhi office of Google and gaining experience in sales, marketing and business development, Ria left her secure job to pursue higher education within Hong Kong.

Ria's goal is to create educational institutes within her home state of Bihar, with a focus on female education, as she wants more women to have the choices that she had and thus to have the independent means to make choices in their lives and not to depend solely on their husbands.

In a country where there are still millions whose backgrounds and traditional beliefs that lead to unspeakable conditions where women are horribly abused by the men in their lives in customs like child marriages, dowry bride burnings, or acid attacks by unsuccessful suitors, which while illegal are still practices that merits international concern on behalf of the women who are victims.

[LouisY-15 and ScarlettH-19 are' Summer 2012 interns]

RIA'S BEAUTIFUL DREAM: "A School of One's Own" in Bihar India

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    A report in 2012 revealed that one woman in Turkey dies almost every day of the year as a result of domestic violence. A survey conducted by the UN found that “among women aged 15-44, acts of violence cause more death and disability than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined.” These facts are proof of the unequal treatment of women even in today’s modern world. According to the UN survey on violence against women, the top countries of women subjected to routine domestic violence are: Zambia, Colombia, Peru, Egypt and Nicaragua.

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