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October 07 Editorial Theme: "B E A U T Y" ... by Margaret Chen, Editor-in-Chief
Posted on Oct 03, 2007

October Theme

by Margaret Chen



This month we’ll be exploring the concept of “Beauty”.

Every Wednesday this month will post an article about “beauty”, that we hope will get you thinking about what Beauty is, and how different cultures can have different ideals for what is considered beautiful.

How we define “beauty” on one level is culturally determined, meaning that there can be a standard definition of beauty which is both “manufactured” and “marketed” to us from outside our own inner experience or judgment of whether a person or object is beautiful, or not.

For example, in some cultures, fat is considered beautiful and desirable, but obviously not in ours. We will feature an in depth article about this at the end of this month…

The anorexic-models controversy continues, and it is undeniable that the “anorexic-look” of models have sent out unhealthy and unattainable images of what women should look like to be considered “beautiful”. And this standardized manufactured beauty definition is now including “male” beauty in its fold.

So it seems, we have to ‘take back the power’, we have to start thinking about “How beauty is defined” so that we are not made slaves to marketing people’s definitions of beauty.

True “Beauty” has a spiritual side that goes much deeper than whether a woman is pretty or desirable in the cultural definition of beauty, so a woman can be Beautiful - for example - even if she is not “pretty”.

What we manufacture and market as standards of beauty in the world today are surface impressions that may startle us with their brilliant shine, but that leave us empty when we are made to shift our gaze onto the next shiny example of pre-packaged “beauty” by which we are meant to be dazzled.


As young people growing up in a world where most everything can be bought and sold, we forget not only that “the best things are free”, but also that we are cultivating our humanity (those aspects of ourselves that distinguish humans from animals and machines) when we learn to appreciate, recognize and instill in ourselves, that often used – but rarely defined term – “inner beauty”.

“Inner Beauty” is like a finely calibrated compass, it’s about your Values, and your sense of Fair Play, it’s about your alignment to what is Principled, Incorruptible, and connected to the Highest Good – not necessarily obvious – because to appreciate and to cultivate the finer qualities of “inner beauty” takes time, and often comes from a desire to “accept a challenge” to be the best and most upstanding person even – and especially – when no-one is looking.

IF you are a person-of-character even when no one is looking, it means you truly own these finer qualities we equate with inner beauty, and with ‘having character’ – these best qualities of humanity.

Don’t you think we would benefit from paying at least as much attention to developing our “inner beauty” as we spend time and effort to improve our “outer beauty”?


Skin-deep beauty is reactive and fickle, it can be dictated by Madison Avenue, a style maven, a fashion consultant, whereas True Beauty is more a state of mind where one is confronted with that which awes us and brings us a deeper sense of awareness about our own inner experience of the world.

True Beauty transcends the mundane. True Beauty is not fickle because it taps deeper down into the soul and also higher up into the Divine. As such true Beauty is less about what excites our senses, than it is about that which stirs our soul.

What do YOU think of this distinction?

Let us know, by writing us at …... EDITOR[at]

(Please remember to include your name, location and age, and if your letter is published, you agree to grant us the right to publish and republish your letter as needed)

CLICK HERE FOR Tyra Bank’s response to gossip ragsters calling her ‘fat’ because she actually has thighs

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